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ExHollywood Executive Weinstein to Surrender on Sex Assault Charges Media Reports


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United Airlines releases cookbook so you can eat plane food at home

first_imgBlog December 25, 20182 Comments United Airlines wants to prove that airline food is tasty by releasing a cookbook.United Airlines has released a cookbook so you can enjoy the airline’s in-flight meals from the comfort of your own home.The cookbook features 40 recipes currently served in the business class cabin.The airline said: “The United Polaris cookbook was created by United chefs in partnership with chefs from The Trotter Project. The 40 recipes are inspired by the United Polaris business class experience.“A portion of proceeds will be donated to The Trotter Project to continue its mission of inspiring the next generation of culinary professionals”The United Airlines cookbook is priced at $29.99.center_img United Airlines releases cookbook so you can eat plane food at homelast_img read more

This RFIDblocking keyfob case works like a faraday cage to protect your

first_imgJust like your contact-less payment cards stand a chance of being tapped into by a miscreant with a POS device, your car’s key-fob stands a risk of being hacked into, its signal being boosted or duplicated, and used to unlock your car. Ever since the introduction of remote-controlled key-fobs, car theft hasn’t decreased, but rather has seen a 56% spike according to the office of national statistics.The problem with key-fobs is that security for this is easy to compromise. People have been known to use jammers, replicators, boosters, and other easy-to-make devices that capture the codes your key-fob sends to the car, allowing hackers to replicate it to gain access of your vehicle, a practice known as key-fob spoofing. Now while automobile manufacturers are only catching up to these hackers, there’s a simple way of mitigating this problem entirely. A good old Faraday Cage.Designed to protect your key-fob from physical damage as well as digital theft, the KeyBlock is an RFID-blocking case that you can store the fob and keys in. The fob sits inside a compact, specialized hard-case enclosure, while the keys hang from it. Practically the size of your key-fob itself, you can carry the KeyBlock around with you. The RFID-blocking housing prevents spoofers and hackers from replicating the signature key-code your fob generates, and therefore denies them access to your car. When you DO need to use the fob, just open the box and slide it out using a slider built right into the KeyBlock’s side. An internal spring mechanism keeps your fob in place, preventing it from sliding out if held upside-down, and a small leash holds your keys too, letting you open your car the old-fashioned way, should you choose.Designed to be compact, the KeyBlock fits right into the palm of your hand, and can slide right into your pockets without adding any bulk. Crafted from fine leather, the KeyBlock can be customized to match your car style, allowing you to choose between different tans, finishes, from Tesla’s signature blue, to Aston Martin’s carbon-fiber print. It even comes with a customizable base, letting you engrave your name and phone number into the base of the KeyBlock, if it ever gets lost or left behind!Designers: James Whitfield & Sean SykesClick Here To Buy Now: $39 $46 (15% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!About KeyBlockKeyBlock is the world’s ultimate RFID case for your keys! KeyBlock not only keeps your keys safe from hackers, it prevents damage, keeps things together, has free personalization and will instantly upgrade any car key.ProtectTwo thieves with commercially available transmitters can boost the signal from your key inside your house and gain access to your car in under 60 seconds.More Than Just a Key SafeYou wouldn’t buy a car that barely held together. Or shoes. Or windows. You lock your house door at night, not just roll a boulder in front of it. This is an elegant solution to an increasing problem.Push Button EjectorUnlocking your car at a distance is a convenience we don’t want to deprive you of. KeyBlock is easy to use single-handed, leaving your other hand free to carry the shopping, open the door for your partner or keep your child close.Carbon LeatherWhy settle for some plastic or polyurethane cover? They have the actual leathers used in Aston Martin and Tesla models to cover your keys. You don’t compromise on security, so why compromise on looks?Composite Construction for Maximum Signal BlockingMulti-layered RFID shielding within a modern polymer housing, wrapped in wear-resistant leather. Security that doesn’t sacrifice style.Keyless IgnitionFor keyless ignition the key is ejected and held halfway with our patent pending internal mechanism. The single-button operation makes it a dream to use, so you can get on the road quickly and easily.Buttoned CapThey have incorporated a leather cap to hold your key secure. Simply pop it open, use the slider button and your key fob is there. Stainless steel as well, so it isn’t going to wear out.Split RingBut what about your other keys, the ones that can’t be scanned (as easily, anyway)? A built-in split ring allows you the option of keeping all your keys together.Stands Up for YouThey wanted this to look great even when on the side board in your house, so they designed it to stand wherever it was placed, keeping your keybowl organised.PersonalisedPut your name on it, phone number, a message or a date. Whatever you like. Probably avoid your registration though. Gives the game away too easy.Mint ConditionNow you can keep the key in as good condition as the day you bought it, all while keeping it safe.Pocket SizedKeyBlock is sized to fit neatly in any pocket, whether suit, trouser or otter.Click Here To Buy Now: $39 $46 (15% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!SharePinShareFlipSharePocket14.3K Shareslast_img read more

Behold this bifold wallet that has an opposable thumb

first_imgWhat would we do without thumbs, really? Thumbs have helped us grip things, maneuver tools, turn pages, throw punches, swipe on tinder dates, type texts, and do so much that makes our species extraordinary. The opposable thumb is a major pivotal point in our evolution, and along with our enlarged brains, has created the powerful species on earth. I guess it’s fair to say that the opposable thumb helps us stand out as a species… and helps the Arc Clipfold stand out as a wallet too, because this bifold wallet has, among many other unique features, an opposable thumb-like leather tag that holds onto notes much like the human hand does.I’ve seen a lot of wallets in my years as an editor, but none as unique as the Arc Clipfold. Wallets could be slim, minimalist, waterproof, made out of kevlar, or have GPS trackers and cameras inside them, but the Arc Clipfold feels like a design evolution of sorts. With an outer body made of premium top-grain leather, complete with a water-repellent surface finish, the Arc Clipfold feels familiar to the eye as well as to the touch. It comes with a nylon pull-tag on one side that deploys your cards without having to open the wallet, and on the other side, a zippered pouch for coins and receipts.Open the bifold and you see exactly what makes the Arc Clipfold so different. A leather tag/clip on the inside holds your notes in place like a thumb, providing enough grip to keep your banknotes secured, but loose enough that you can pull out a note without any hassle. Unlike most traditional bifolds that store your cash in pouches, having you practically opening your wallet apart so you can see what change you have, Arc Clipfold’s leather clip holds your notes but also keeps them visible and easy to access.Right behind the banknotes are several card slots for storing payment cards, business cards, ticket stubs, etc. With enough space for more than 6 cards, the Arc Clipfold even comes with an RFID-blocking lining, to not just encase but also protect your cards from digital theft. With its slick, all-black appearance, the Arc Clipfold looks like it means business, and measuring at just 1.3cm when filled with cards, cash, and coins, the Arc Clipfold is as slim as it’s innovative. Besides, Yanko Design readers are entitled to a special 32% discount! I give it a ‘thumbs-up’! You know, with my opposable thumbs…Designer: Chris ParagasClick Here to Buy Now: $37 $55 (32% off). Hurry, exclusive YD ‘Secret’ Perk, limited to first 100 wallets!Arc Clipfold – A Wallet Designed With No CompromiseAccess your cash, cards, and coins in the most intuitive and effortless way possible. A newly devised Clipfold Money Clip, Gridstop Pull Tab, and Coin Stash feature makes this possible.Clipfold Money ClipAccess, manage, and store your cash in the most effortless way possible. The money clip was designed to roughly arc at a 45 degree angle to keep your cash readily accessible for a swift and intuitive cash handling experience.While other wallets have you pinching for your cash or unraveling a quartered bill, this money clip keeps your cash flat and compliant for optimal cash management.Now revamped with an extended length and 1.5x the rigidity of previous iterations. Each cash tab is now constructed with a bespoke top-grain leather selected to achieve its unique structure, form, and functionality.Quick Draw Gridstop Pull TabPull, fan out, and gain access to all your cards in a swift and intuitive motion. Each card cavity can contain up to 3 cards each(6 total), giving each clipfold the needed capacity to hold all your frequently used cards.Coin StashAvailable exclusively for the Arc Pinnacle. Conveniently stow all your coins and/or trinkets in a swift and organized manner. The coin stash was designed for effortless access and a clear first-person perspective when accessing your coins.Water Resistant Top-grain LeatherEach Arc clipfold is crafted with their bespoke water repellent top-grain leather for added resistance to any light rain, spill or moisture.Beautiful inside and out!210D Dyneema Gridstop NylonThe beauty of gridstop nylon has been proven to withstand the rigors of any weather condition, while evoking a sleek and modern aesthetic to complement your attire.Thin and AccommodatingBelow: Interior Stash CompartmentIt accommodates extra cards, business cards, receipts, tickets, larger notes etc.Below: Variants – Minimalist and PinnacleBelow: Lining Option – Traditional and GridstopTraditional Black Cross-Weave Nylon LiningGridstop LiningClick Here to Buy Now: $37 $55 (32% off). Hurry, exclusive YD ‘Secret’ Perk, limited to first 100 wallets!SharePinShareFlipSharePocket452 Shareslast_img read more

Country Catering Celebrating Twenty Years

center_img Facebook on March 12, 2013 E-Headlines From its humble beginnings beside the Pacific in Santa Barbara to a thriving enterprise in the shadow of Mount Bachelor, Country Catering has been keeping it in the family for four generations, serving up some champion-level chow in Central Oregon since 1992.Owner Frank Serbus is proud of the legacy of good food he’s created since moving to Bend twenty years ago and looks back on two decades in the busy food service and catering business that runs deep in his blood. The savory home of the “Famous Tri Tip Sandwich” and “Bend’s Best” line of deli products, Country Catering is well fortified and fully staffed to accommodate any of your private parties, catering functions and special events, working closely with their loyal customers to meet and exceed their culinary expectations.“We’re celebrating our twenty year anniversary this year,” said Serbus. “We started out in the Butler Market convenience store on South Highway 97 and moved to our current location on the corner of Ninth and Wilson in 2007.My daughter Rosanna worked with me at the small deli in the back of the convenience store and we did quite a bit of catering too, starting with one van.”Country Catering has now expanded to six catering vehicles and four mobile bbq units. His son, Cody, worked as a clean-up kid back then and has now been elevated to the position of a business partner.“At Butler Market we had three employees and now we have eight full-time servers with our seasonal staff numbering as high as twenty. Besides the deli restaurant, we also do weddings, company picnics, family reunions and fundraisers. It’s a four-generation family business. My father, Frank, and his father-in-law, Morgan, started it way back in 1968 in California.”Specializing in Ranch Style BBQ and fine grilling year-round, their cozy deli establishment on Wilson also serves up hearty breakfasts, lunches and dinners to famished Bendites of all ages. Inside, the wide glass deli case offers a tantalizing array of salads and side dishes like Cody’s award-winning Tri Tip chili, famous baked beans or Red Rosemary potato salad to accompany your sandwich creation, with casual indoor and outdoor seating and the rarified air of smoking meats cooking right outside the door.“Back in the day we started with ten different types of custom sandwiches and now it’s grown to twenty. We can seat thirty people here in the deli and have a real nice event we do in the summer called “Party on the Patio” every Friday night. It’s all you can eat barbecue for $10.95 per person and live bands every weekend through the end of September.”Over the past twenty years of booms and busts in the High Desert, Serbus says they’ve survived by providing a consistent, quality product and excellence in service.“It was great when the construction boom was going on because we really depended on that trade and we’ve had to diversify to increase business,’ he explained. “We market and sell Bend’s Best BBQ seasoning and rub. My dad was selling that back in Santa Barbara and we’ve been stocking it all along. We’re getting ready to launch a big campaign to sell it in grocery stores and specialty shops in Central Oregon and we’re really excited about that. It’s a Bend product made in Bend.”For Serbus, the best part of the catering industry is the people.“I like interacting with the customers and the day-to-day operations,” he said. “Always coming up with new ideas and staying ahead of the competition. We’re looking forward to the start of the summer catering season and launch of the seasoning line in local markets.”His son, Cody Serbus, was born into the catering business and loves the creativity involved in concocting new sandwiches and specialty dishes.“My grandpa owned it so serving food to people, carrying on the family tradition and coming up with new recipes makes it fun,” said Cody. “It’s been a part of my life growing up. It’s so great having a deli for every day things and a full catering enterprise to compliment it.“We can do smoked barbecue for up to five thousand people. We haven’t been topped out yet . It’s great to be a part of this community the last twenty years seeing the business grow and develop. It’s always evolving with the times and the trends. The spice line is coming any time. It can’t get here soon enough. We love being a part of Bend but the nature of our business is that when everyone else is having fun we’re busting our butts.” Country Catering’s The Deli is located at 900 SE Wilson Avenue and open Tuesday to Friday 6:3am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 4pm. Catering hours are available 24/7. For printable specials coupons or more info contact them at or call 541-383-5014 Twitter Share.last_img read more

Gala Raises Over 283500 for Education Foundation

first_img Share. Gala Raises Over $283,500 for Education Foundation By CBN Google+ Email 0 LinkedIn Twittercenter_img E-Headlines Facebook 22nd Annual Gala at The Riverhouse, the annual fundraiser produced by The Riverhouse Hotel and the Central Oregon Visitors Association, raised just over $283,500 at Monday night’s Gala to benefit Education Foundation for Bend-La Pine Schools. This year’s Gala was full of excitement as nearly 500 attendees enjoyed a five-course gourmet dinner, bid on an exciting mix of silent auction items, entered raffles to win adventure sports equipment and one-of-a-kind jewelry and were entertained by the featured guest speaker: Gold Medal Olympian Ashton Eaton.  Major sponsors included The Riverhouse, Central Oregon Visitors Association, Horizon Broadcasting Group, Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund, Bend Research and Earth2O. The Gala at The Riverhouse has been a solid fundraising event in the community for the past 22 years. The Central Oregon Visitors Association in partnership with The Riverhouse produces the entire event from preliminary beneficiary selection through donation procurement, ticket sales, and volunteer support for the evening of the event. The Riverhouse also completely donates all the food and beverage, facility, and labor for the night of the event; thereby ensuring that 100% of ticket sales directly benefit the selected charity. The Gala remains one of the most successful charity events in Central Oregon, and it continues to help local non-profits in a meaningful way year after year. Since its inception, this annual event has raised over $2.3 million for local non-profit organizations. Proceeds from The Gala will benefit the Education Foundation for Bend-La Pine Schools and establish a lasting endowment that will provide athletic fee scholarships for deserving students for years to come. Since 2003, the Education Foundation’s Activity Fee Scholarship Program has benefited nearly 4,000 students, including Ashton Eaton, by providing financial aid for participation fees associated with after school sports. Founded 22 years ago, the Gala has raised money in support of many local non-profit organizations including: Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Oregon, Grandma’s House, Sparrow Clubs, KIDS Center, Family Resource Center, Ronald McDonald House, Every Kid Fund, Deschutes Children’s Foundation, Tower Theater, Cascade Youth and Family Center, Habitat for Humanity, Volunteers in Medicine and Heart of Oregon Corp. For more information, please contact Shannon Hinderberger at 541-617-7174 or [email protected] Pinterest Tumblr on January 23, 2014last_img read more

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