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Saved by the Bell becomes 8bit chooseyourownadventure YouTube Game

first_imgWho can forget Saved by the Bell, the Saturday morning teenage sitcom that everyone loved. The geeks identified with Screech, the dudes ogled over Kelly, and the girls had Teen Beat pictures of Zack and Slater posted all over their walls. We’re talking real walls here, not Facebook walls.The show aired between 1989 and 1993, and reruns are still being shown today. SBTB has a cult following, which is why The Fine Bros have chosen to base their latest YouTube 8-bit choose-your-own-adventure videos on the show. The brothers previously created interactive YouTube games for Twilight and Harry Potter, but this is the first based on a TV show.The goal of the game is to help heartthrob Zack Morris. Zack is surrounded by people who need his help, so you have to decide who to help: Kelly, Jessie, or Screech. I chose Screech first because I was always jealous of the other two girls as a kid. Screech needs to get back with his lady friend and of course, there’s an obstacle that gets in the way. You then have to decide what action to take between two options. One will make you a winner, and the other will end in a game over.I then tried Jessie’s game which was far more entertaining since it’s based on maybe the best SBTB episode of all time. Yep, you can play an 8-bit version of the “Pills” episode which features Zack discovering that Jessie is popping caffeine pills and has the classic line which stayed with the actress for the rest of her life: “I’m so excited…I’m so excited…I’m so…scared.” In the game you have to decide whether to tell Jessie to keep taking the pills so she can go sing, or tell her everything is going to be okay and get her help.  You can see by the picture below, the former is not the correct answer.The game is truly entertaining to anyone who used to watch SBTB. It definitely has some dark humor in there, as well as a ton of pretty hilarious SBTB references. Let’s just hope The Fine Bros don’t make a “College Years” or “New Class” version of the game.via Mashablelast_img read more