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Fanmade Indiana Jones sequence really needs its own cartoon

first_imgIt’s only one minute and 15 seconds long, but a fully animated Indiana Jones fan film and passion project that was uploaded to YouTube on Thursday pays a more sincere tribute to the franchise than, arguably, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.“The Adventures of Indiana Jones,” by Patrick Schoenmaker, uploaded as part of the animation collective Frame Order, depicts a number of sequences, including Jones fighting Nazis, trudging through snowy tundras, and trying to survive the latest booby traps. And for a project so short, it took a lot of time.It’s expertly animated, with clean and fluid motion and traditional and Disney-esque character models. It was created mostly by one man over many years.Schoenmaker who is an Netherlands-based animator and character designer has been working on the film for the past five years. It was initiated by the release of the fourth film and the potential for new projects in one of his favorite franchises. He had made artwork depicting his favorite fictional archaeologist in 2008 for Acme Archives and Lucasfilm, but the animation is all his own.It was something he did in his spare time, recreating famous characters and events, but also taking the opportunity to insert and improve upon some of his own artistic signatures.“During the past 5 years, I’ve learned a lot from studying the original films as a reference and developing a stylized look that fit the world of Indiana Jones without making it too cartoony for instance,” he told Geek in an email. “Because this world and these characters were already established, it really challenged me to do these characters justice. You can’t cheat yourself out of something like this.”The animated sequence could function as the opening theme for a potential future Indiana Jones cartoon, although no such thing is in the works (after this though, we hope that it might be one day).  There isn’t a full story, but Schoenmaker said he wanted to focus on the animation and not on writing or casting for voice actors.“I wanted this to be something I could work on in my spare time and keep the whole thing manageable for me,” he said. “I tried to boil down the essence of any Indiana Jones story into a 1:15 minute showcase.”And this essence is depicted here: the pulpy, action-adventure sense of wonder, the trademarks of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, and the mysticism that seems to cover the franchise. Schoenmaker gives a lot of credit to Lucas and Spielberg, along with the Golden Voyage of Sinbad, which he also mentions as an inspiration.“Their work has had such a big impact on the lives of many of us growing up in the 80s. When they combined their magical superpowers and created Indiana Jones, something happened that’s going to be very difficult to ever match in the future of filmmaking.”The impact of the Indiana Jones franchise on our culture is important to remember, especially in the wake of a possible fifth film, with scarce details. Crystal Skull was widely considered a disappointment and to end the series there would be lackluster and a disservice to Harrison Ford and the Jones name.We know that Indiana Jones 5 will be written by David Koepp, and that Lucas and John Williams will be involved. It’s slated for a release in July of 2019, but there’s no word on whether Harrison Ford will be returning or if they’d be recasting him.In the meantime, we can watch this opening sequence over and over again and hope for a Saturday morning cartoon that’ll probably never happen.last_img read more