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Leblond looks for Contender re-entry through appeal

first_imgTeam Canada’s boxer Dave ‘Fast and Furious’ Leblond has appealed to the Jamaica Boxing Board of Control (JBBC) to have his defeat to Jamaican fighter Tsetsi ‘Lights Out’ Davis overruled.If successful, this would result in a rematch between the two for a spot in the next round of the competition.Leblond’s trainer, Patrice Trudeau, told The Gleaner that although he and Leblond are not upset that Davis won, they believe the judges made what he describes as an egregious ruling.”The judges made a choice and we’re OK with the decision, regardless of the fact that we think we won, it’s more about a state of mind than the actual facts,” Trudeau told The Gleaner: “We’re satisfied in what we came to do. You saw at the end of the fight how satisfied as a team we were. That’s really what the heart of it is. But if you’re asking me if Tsetsi Davis won the fight and outscored Dave Leblond, I’ll say no.”However, Trudeau said he would not go into the details of the grounds of the appeal, which was submitted to the JBBC on Wednesday afternoon.NO DETAILS”It’s not that I can’t go into the details, but I’m just not gonna go into the details with that because we took our time to write the reasons of the appeal and we forwarded the letter of the official appeal to the board on Wednesday. Things, sometimes, can go south when you really want them to go north, but we trust that the board can do an excellent job sorting out what we brought up. Our job was really to highlight the facts and what we saw that was actually there.”JBBC officials refused to speak about the issue, saying at the time that they had not reviewed the appeal as yet, but they believe it is unlikely that the decision will change.However, Contender promoter Mark Kenny said Leblond may actually have a case.”Under WBC (World Boxing Council) rules, egregious scoring may be grounds for an appeal,” he said.”The appeal is just basically for an extra scrutiny, and we’re fine with that, and we agree with it. Sometimes that’s good to show that the show takes itself very seriously. If the appeal turns round and sanctions result that are correct? That’s fine.”[email protected]last_img read more