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Husband sets EBD home on fire

first_imgAn allegedly abusive husband set his house on fire on Tuesday morning. According to reports, the fire began at around 04:00h and completely destroyed the two-storey wooden building. The man’s wife had reportedly moved out from the home two weeks prior.The suspect, Rampersaud Seepersaud, 52, of Lot 89 Covent Garden, East Bank Demerara (EBD) was reportedly home alone at the time and relatives, who reside next door, told Guyana Times that after starting the fire, the man calmly stood in front of the yard and watched the building burn.The house was completely engulfed in flamesShortly after, he began shouting for his sister-in-law who lived in the house next door, and informed her that he had set the house on fire.The sister-in-law, Susan Mootoo, told this publication that by that time, the blaze had already engulfed the house and the fire threatened to spread to her own house.“When he start shout Susan! Susan! I run out and the house was already burning. It came close close to my house, see the windows break and the blinds scorch off,” Mootoo explained.The woman said that she quickly informed the Guyana Fire Service, who responded promptly, but were still unable to save Seepersaud’s house. Mootoo recalled that when the Police arrived, she heard Seepersaud telling them that an appliance in the home had caused the fire, however, she was certain this was not the case.“When the Police come, I hear he saying something ‘bout a fan blow or something like that. But I know is he set the fire,” she said, while explaining that for quite some time, Seepersaud had been threatening to burn both their houses down.The suspect’s sister-in-law explained that her sister has been married to the suspect for 15 years, and throughout it all, Seepersaud has always been abusive, in addition to being an alcoholic.“He does abuse her, beat her, drink, I don’t know if he does smoke drugs all, but he threaten nuff times to bun down he own house and mine just because I does try protect her,” Mootoo disclosed.Guyana Times was informed that two weeks prior to this incident, Seepersaud had abused his wife to the point that she attempted to take her life.“He wake she up in the night to cook, and while she cooking, he pelt out the spoon, and start cuss and abuse her, and she drink kerosene.”As a result of this, Seepersaud’s wife was taken under the wings of the Human Rights Association, and she moved away to live in Diamond, EBD. The couple’s two children are presently living with relatives.Meanwhile, Mootoo stated that she had made many reports about her brother-in-law’s behaviour at the Providence Police station, but they were never taken seriously. She is contending that this fire could have been avoided if the Police had played their part.“I mek nuff reports at the Providence Police Station, but they never come and do anything. They never told him anything. You know, like warn him or nothing so he would get frighten or scared. But [the morning of the fire] they come out in numbers!” she said.Seepersaud was taken into Police custody to assist with investigations. (Ramona Luthi)last_img read more