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BENS BLOG Thank you The Staff

first_img[dropcap]B[/dropcap]log, the first order of the day, is to say a HUGE thank you, to The Staff, for their most kind Christmas present, that arrived just a couple of days ago, having been ordered pre Yuletide.Somebody asked me a question that haunted me recently: Did I think that I would ever make a book at The Dogs again? This is something I have never considered. Greyhound Racing and the Betting-Ring, have always been with me, in my heart. And I had always hoped to apply for a pitch, should The Don enjoy a full refurb. BUT, if Wimbledon closes, where would I ever really end up betting?Let’s be positive though. Even if the next dog-track I bet at, is a long time in the future, and it is the Dog-track-in-the-sky, I would be only too delighted, on the opening night, to wear these simply fabulous, 18 carat-gold greyhound cufflinks, presented to me by The Staff.This really is a touching gesture. Such a well thought and perfect gift. I LOVE YOU ALL REALLY, THE STAFF.In other news:What’s all this talk about negative interest-rates, Blog? There’s no need for such nonsense. We just need to give Inheritance-Tax a good hiking; that’ll get everyone spending! And it will also have the following benefits:1) Give a much needed reality-check to all the unpleasant easy-life Hoorays, and adult spoilt-brats, with their pretend-jobs, that wander up and down the Kings Road all day.‎ Imagine the fear, for the first time, in their eyes..!2) Oldies everywhere, enjoying themselves; buying MG’s and going on nice cruises, instead of worrying about saving their helpless, 45 year old offspring, from themselves.‎ They’ve had all the chances already, by that point.3) Give a much needed boost to small businesses, in the service and leisure industry, all over the country. They might even start punting with their local independent-bookies a bit more..!There are too many people living on money they didn’t earn. Let’s take it all back, educate EVERYONE to an Eton and Harrow standard, and then at 18 years of age, return to unbridled capitalism. Unless there’s a disabled relative to care for, once the wife’s had her go on the money, 100% INHERITANCE TAX IS THE ANSWER.Over and out, B xlast_img read more