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By FFWPU Slovakia Tibor Krebsz The 58th 15Day W

first_imgBy FFWPU Slovakia, Tibor Krebsz: The 58th 15-Day WS was held in Dunajska Luzna, Slovakia, from July 1st to 15th. Altogether 24 guests participated from first and second generation. This year we covered the whole world, with European residents originally from Japan, and Africa as well as from West Europe, East Europe and the Balkans. Our musical instrument was an African drum, played by our dear elder brother, a Christian pastor from Togo who could feel very close to True Father due to his own imprisonment in his homeland.We were in class a lot, but we also enjoyed a challenge day in canoes on the river – yes two brothers received a special baptism- We picked up a lot of strawberries that our kitchen elder sisters transformed into delicious jam and cake. We are grateful to our kitchen elder sisters – the eldest being 85- who wanted us to feel loved through their food; and we did!This year we also had a clean-up project in the neighborhood around the WS center -our way to serve the community. The weather was very nice– some days 37C in the shade- this was perfect for afternoon swimming; other days we had sport.The first week was devoted to studying the 7 Day content of the Divine Principle together with internal guidance and many short testimonies about Father. The lectures were offered by the WS director Tibor Krebs, president of FFWPU Hungary, and by Beatrice Clyburn, NM in Poland. At the end of that first week we held our annual Divine Principle competition. Participants always have a deep experience as they stand for the first time in their life, presenting Divine Principle topics that touched their heart and mind. It was a holy experience!In the second week we were honored with guest lecturers: our East European regional leader Rainer Fuchs taught about women in the providence of restoration and on True Mother’s early life. Peter and Gabi Zoehrer, president of FFWPU Austria – wonderful having a couple teaching- focused on men and women relationships. Peter also offered his exciting testimony on how he joined the church.Igor Koromhaz, former  President of FFWPU Slovakia, taught on life of faith. The rest of the lectures were taught by the two main teachers.On the ‘top of the growth stage’ we had lectures on repentance, and after diner we offered our own written repentance papers in a ceremony around a fire. The many tears shed recreated this place into a holy ground.A very special highlight in our WS was True Father’s life ending with two clear presentations on how he made it possible for the Soviet Empire to be dismantled and without bloodshed. We finished the day with videos about Father and a very tearful prayer time; each one of us was overwhelmed with emotion as we realized that no political or religious figure had the courage to stand up publicly and proclaim what Rev. Moon had done for the world.We also had several lectures on Cheon Il Guk, how our Father left us with the whole foundation for the Kingdom of God on earth. Our last presentation was on the present providence centered on True Parents, and especially on True Mother on earth.Throughout the workshop Abraham, Jesus and True Father came to express their hearts intensively and tearfully. Also one of our team leaders met True Parents in her dream. They were in our workshop; Mother went to visit the brothers’ bedroom-!!!- and Father was in the lecture hall with us.How blessed we were in this 15 Day WS!!!last_img read more