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CHIP8 emulator running in HalfLife 2

first_imgOne of the neatest things to happen in gaming lately is very meta. As computers become speedier, the mod community becomes more sophisticated and the in-game languages used for creating modifications becomes more robust, we’ve started seeing an increasing number of working computers built within video games.One particularly notable example of this trend was accomplished in the amazing voxel-based world building indie game, Minecraft: one resourceful fan managed to build a gigantic, labyrinth sized 16-bit computer in the game, which was actually capable of performing mathematical calculations in real-time.That was plenty impressive, but it was really slow, which is why it doesn’t hold a candle to the latest in-game computer: someone’s used the robust abilities of Valve‘s Source engine to build a working CHIP-8 emulator in Half-Life 2.What’s CHIP-8? It was an interpreted programming language from the mid-1970sthat runs ports of games like Pong, Space Invaders and Tetris. Really impressive stuff… I just wonder when the day comes when the recursive meta-ness goes through the roof, and we’re seeing Half-Life 2 emulated in the Half-Life 2 engine, ad infinitim.Read more at Wiremod (via Engadget)last_img read more