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“The Spanish VAR is the best, everyone wants it”

first_imgSánchez Martínez, whose performance at Betis-Barcelona created a lot of controversy, appeared at a press conference, after the Referee Technical Committee decided to give it rest for the next day.Affect the protests: “They go in our way of understanding arbitration. We don’t feel anything special. I’ve had the example of great teachers.”VAR protocol: “The CTA is making a great effort so that everyone understands the protocol. It is clear that we stick to it. I do not comment on particular plays.”Reviews of this weekend: “The arbitration career is formed through individual experiences. It was one more game. Every day you learn new things and continue to grow on a personal and professional level.”Corporativism: “It is very latent, but it does not exist. The best gift they can give you from the VOR is to correct you. Do not leave with the error.”The Spanish VAR: “We must value the arbitration and Spanish football. We have a very complete league and its arbitration is up to par. Not only the teams go far in European competitions, but also the Spanish referees. The Spanish VAR is the best. It does not harm us, it only helps us to correct mistakes. “Focus of attention for Sunday’s game: “I am an arbitrator like the 20 here. The Committee should be proud of the referees it has.”Club reviews: “When I referee a game all players respect the VAR. Everyone wants the VAR. Only that we are mature and we are consandcount. “Gonzalez StrongGetafe match reviews: “If we talk about individual plays, we should also talk about the good days and not just the bad ones.”Talk after the games: “We speak naturally. We have no problem going out and talking. It would be valuable to leave after games. We have no problems.”Mistakes: “We are wrong and we will be wrong. We have many field matches and in the VAR. We always talk about the penalty we did not see.”Uniform criteria: “Clear and manifest is if we all agree. It is defined.”From Cerro GrandeCriteria in the plays: “The criteria is what sets the rules of the game.”Goal: “The references are the international designations. The Spanish Committee is the one that gives the most referees at European and international level. You try to improve on a daily basis.” Suspension of matches: “There is a protocol that collects this. Many times from the field it is difficult to detect it by the level of concentration. There are other people who are also attentive to that. If we detect another situation like that, we will also apply the protocol.”Munuera MonteroSensations: “The VAR is our guardian angel. You used to hurt at home. Now football is much fairer.”VAR: “The criterion of Spain is very well valued in other countries.”VOR body: “I am not the president. It is not for me.”Press: “The media are diverse and everyone has wanted to use what they wanted. It’s a matter of knowing the rules of the game.”Cuadra FernándezThe word robbery: “It is not commensurate with any sport. We do not value words of this type because criminal terms cannot be used for the sport. We analyze the game before and after to get the best performance and we are always striving to improve. In that we strive before and after the matches. “Equitable: “We treat all teams equally, and the approach – at the time of refereeing – is exactly the same for all matches. Honestly, I do not think that comment (talk about robberies in Spanish football) is consistent with people with certain education. To consider that there has been a criminal act is not consistent with any sport. I don’t think anyone has to make comments like that. “Press treatment: “They do a good teaching function. The protocol is clear. Maximum benefit with minimal interference. We want the game to remain dynamic, the same game that we all like and love. The line of intervention is quite clear and I don’t think that more applications are needed. “Decisions: “I do not change the decision when I referee depending on one player or another. We do not talk about particular plays and we when we enter the field want to impart justice being as equanimous as possible. It does not affect us to be a player and another. In the end we make our I work and honestly it doesn’t affect us. “Talk to the media: “In the previous era nobody made statements, but now we are more open. In each technical meeting the media have access to talk to us. It is true that there is no need to go public, but we understand that it is something that values the fan and the media. “last_img read more