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0.125 percent sales tax overcharges and other shocks to the system!

first_imgERIC GARRISON To the Editor:On Jan. 1, 2017, the sales tax rate was reduced from 7 percent to a new rate of 6.875 percent. Problem is, most businesses are still charging the old rate. This is especially troublesome for big- ticket items and fixed income families.In the next few weeks, I will be writing on other tax rip-off items as well. One subject will be water and sewage surcharges. There’s only one water meter in the building. Trouble is, I live by myself, above a successful restaurant. Get the picture? According to the city of Hoboken both the restaurant and myself are supposed to be paying the same amount $23.24 per month.To complete the trifecta, I will be writing about property tax for residential and mixed-use buildings. Currently, I am having audio CDs from a rent-leveling hearing date on Oct. 26, 2016 transcribed. A sneak preview description would be “jaw dropping.” Wait a second, did somebody just say “class-action lawsuit?”To resolve any problem you’re having with the sales tax, call 1 (609) 262-6400 or visit www.njtaxation.org and ask for refund claim form A-3730. Yes, you will need your receipt with the offending 7 percent on it. By the way, tell these stores to get with the program!last_img read more